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The impossible challenge if you had pass last season

The impossible challenge if you had pass last season

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  1. piper139

    Hmm. I had the pass on both my bases last season. No problem collecting de. Or elixir or gold for that matter. A little planning, a couple books, a free builder. No problem.

  2. whyjagexwhy45

    Cancel hero upgrades and restart them

  3. ZonkedOutZombies

    Its because you need to actually collect it, not just have it

  4. TheWorldCOC

    My royal champion was 320k to level 30 so everything disappeared in a second

  5. Alabama-Getaway

    Spend some dark. Upgrade a hero or 2

  6. ItzDrSeuss

    I save all my books (except the second BoH) for the end of the month. I also plan my builders out in the last week or so to free one up a little before the month end, same with the lab. Also hold off on collect CG rewards until after the season bank payout. Definitely need to plan ahead when you have that much loot coming in.

  7. TaxShield

    You don’t need it to finish the entire pass though


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