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Started 2 months ago, am I doing good? (Dont bully me pls)

Started 2 months ago, am I doing good? (Dont bully me pls)

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  1. Negative_Date_8132

    Nice progress. Be sure to grind builder base for 6th builder. Also, don’t use this base. Pretty much every th6 guy uses this and is in the practice mode. A practiced and skilled attacker can easily raze this base. You may want to refer to judo’s guide to best bases: []( This video starts at th6 and watch through all the bases, tips and types judo provides. Watch out for the war bases…. they are extremely good for defending.

  2. shadowcringe269

    Yeah you’re doing great especially having 4 builders at th6 good job mate

  3. Sky-Cl8

    You are doing fine man. PS: Dont mind those players who say th6 is shit, if it is good enough for you, don’t care about them.

  4. Faifainei

    You are allowed to post in this sub only if you have played this game for 15 years. Shame on you for posting this garbage here!

    /s for those that share same genes with AQ

  5. Jake9fingers

    No one cares about ur shitty th6, post here again in say 3 years and **maybe** then people will be impressed with ur progress. *maybe*

  6. LEGO_BrickfilmsYT



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