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r/ClashofClans Weekly Questions Megathread

r/ClashofClans Weekly Questions Megathread

We’re going to try something new. Welcome to our trial run of pinning a questions megathread! Please use this post to ask any and all questions you have about Clash. We’ll refresh this thread every Tuesday for the month of June and then decide to continue it or not based on your feedback and how well this thread is utilized.

“Question” flaired posts are still allowed, this thread is just another option.

If your question needs a photo for context, easiest way to do that in a comment is to upload to [Imgur]( or another image hosting site and include a link.

And a reminder to our new users – we do have a wiki page for [Frequently Asked Questions](, so please check that out as well all all the useful links in the sidebar.

Since its CWL week, the [matchmaking explanation can be found here](

[This weeks Open Recruiting Thread](

And finally

[**Reddit Vs Forums signups are open until June 3, more details here.**](

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  1. notyraytor

    The link for ‘this week’s open recruiting thread’ does not actually take me to the open recruiting thread, it takes me to a post from 156 days ago. Why?

  2. MaxHamburgers

    Are people mostly keeping even progress on pets or prioritizing certain ones to level 10 first?


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