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“Most Helpful” post nomination and voting – May 2021

“Most Helpful” post nomination and voting – May 2021

We’re hoping this program will help encourage quality contributions to the sub. Last months winners can be found on the wiki page here /r/clashofclans/wiki/winners

Nominations for the “Most Helpful” post of May are below as top level comments, sorted in contest mode. Please upvote the ones you wish to see recognized.

Winner will receive a reddit platinum award, first runner up will receive gold, and 3rd place will receive a timeless beauty award.

If we missed a post you’d like to see nominated reply with a link to the stickied comment or [send us a link in mod mail]([]( Discussions of the posts are allowed below their individual links. New top level comments will be automatically removed so make sure you are replying to the stickied comment.

Please don’t award this post, instead give those awards out to the helpful users nominated below.

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  1. CongressmanCoolRick

    Reply here with any posts you wish to see nominated and a mod will add it to the voting list below. Any discussion or questions about the awards may also go here or below the individual comments for the nominations. All other top level comments will be removed.

    You can find the [Open Recruiting Thread HERE](

    and the [Reddit vs Forum info post here, reminder signups end June 3rd!](


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