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In which TH I can find more dead bases?

In which TH I can find more dead bases?

Hi, I have a rushed TH12 (All defenses lvl 1, only upgrading troops and heroes) in which I only use baby dragons to farm collectors in dead bases.

I have plenty of levels of troops to upgrade, but no more gold upgrades.

My questions is if it is worth to upgrade to TH13. Will I find less dead bases there?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

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  1. Warm-Ad5229

    Don’t go to th13 yet, there’s less dead bases. Try gold 1 for loot

  2. RandomCoCAccount

    I assume this is your alt, so just go to th13. I’m finding plenty of dead th13s in crystal 1.

  3. FaithlessnessNo2495

    crystal 3

  4. Dystil

    The higher your Town Hall, the fewer dead bases you have to attack because of the Town Hall loot penalty.


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