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What should I do tomorrow?

What should I do tomorrow?

I have an option to upgrade to town hall 12, but not sure if I should due to hero levels. At the moment, my Warden is maxed, but my Archer Queen is only level 42 and my King is 37. All my walls are maxed, the only traps I need to upgrade are all the air bombs one more level. Everything but those traps and heroes is maxed, and my lab is nearly done with only two more spells I need to max. With the upcoming end of the season (where I get my bank rewards), I was wondering what I should do. I am leaning towards upgrading my town hall and keeping my heroes down all the time until they are maxed TH 12 level only because I would be wasting a lot of resources and builder time, but I am not sure. Thanks for any help.

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  1. LEGO_BrickfilmsYT

    If you have gold pass you will waste TONS of loot that you can really use at th12. But just keep your heroes upgrading all the time since your king is still not at max th10 level

  2. IamSam1103

    Option 1 if you have gold pass. Option 3 otherwise.

  3. BeefyBurito6968

    Max everything then go to th 12


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