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What are the pros and cons of rushing your base?

What are the pros and cons of rushing your base?

Im not a rusher myself, I discovered this game on october last year and I proudly have now a nearly maxed th9.

I was taught by the person who recommended it to “never rush”, so I always upgrade every last bit of hero/Building/troops/wall (not aplicable for the builder hall, I dont care about it anymore). However, I came into this and other reddit subs and found that rushed bases are a bit more common than I thought.

Would you recommend upgrading to th10 with a lvl 26 AQ and a Lvl 20 BK? Also, just pending to upgrade some DE troops.

I just want to finally get infierno towers. 😁🥳

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  1. CongressmanCoolRick

    One of the things I never really see people talk about is how much unrushing can suck. This more more aimed at extreme rushing, and skipping ahead multiple town hall levels instead of just going up one level like youre talking about.

    If you just move along at a normal pace, not maxing necessarily but progressing fairly naturally, moving up when things get stale or when you start to waste resources – The game evolves with you. There are different metas at each level, new challenges. You have time to develop and learn more in depth at those stages. And I think generally people who have done that are better attackers when they reach late stages of the game.

    If you rush, you skip a lot of the early metas, and miss out on developing those skills and will have to play catch up. Plus you only experience the current meta long term at the highest town hall level.

    I’ve been unrushing an account and its so incredibly boring and will continue to be that way for another year. Luckily I have other accounts at various level that keep me interested. If I was only unrushing this one single account, I really doubt the game would hold my interest long enough to finish developing it, and I started unrushing that base after it was already fairly progressed offensively (long story for another post)

  2. FlashRoyale609

    For the latter question, no. Don’t go into th10 with a 20 king. I’d at the very least get to 25. Makes everything more difficult in the long run. Unchecked it can be a lot to handle. I learned that the hard way.

  3. FaithlessnessNo2495

    sure. most players only rush on their mini’s

  4. TheSbubby

    Pros: Faster progression, unlocking powerful troops and defenses faster, good for CWL

    Cons: Bad for regular wars, most clans won’t accept rushed bases, maxing and learning attacks slowly is sometimes better

    Most people usually rush their second account for donations. Rushing correctly also involves have an upgraded farming army(barch, baby drags, or sneakies) and keeping heroes down 24/7 or as much as possible.

  5. Green-Inkling

    You should never be higher than 2 town halls above your defenses. If you’re defenses are th6 do not go higher than th8. Because your defenses will need to play catch up with you.


    Pros: You get to experience late game content faster, and gain resources easier

    Cons: If you ignore offense and upgrade defense while rushing, it’s incredibly tricky to catch up. For some its so tricky that they abandon the account. Also people will bitch about you being rushed on reddit, which gets annoying.

  7. lrt2222

    It depends what is most important to you. Getting full max ASAP? Then never having a free builder or idle lab is important, which means not wasting time maxing everything at every hall. Is CWL important? Rushing ahead helps CWL. Is classic war important? Rushing ahead CAN be bad for classic war if you do it wrong (upgrading those troops you don’t use isn’t great for classic war either though). Do you have a sense of satisfaction maxing everything?

  8. Deadly_Davo

    Pro’s are you can get access to better troops and in CWL you have more offensive power

    Con’s are regular wars you will suffer.

    For people saying you need x level heroes at higher levels that is rubbish. As long as you have army camps and your farm troop level high enough you can make great progress up there even with level 10 heroes

  9. mastrdestruktun

    The pros/cons of rushing have been well summarized well.

    Lots of people do go to TH10 with heroes like yours and everything else maxed out because they don’t want to sit on max gold and/or elixir in storages that they can’t spend down.

    If you do go to Th10 with those heroes, and want to keep maxing, my suggestion is to focus on heroes early. Mild rushing like that is not going to permanently hurt you, especially if you become disciplined and keep both heroes upgrading most of the time. You might even get to 40/40 heroes before maxing all your TH10 defenses.

  10. TotalAtrophy

    If you’re going to rush, focus on the offense. As long as you can 3 star your mirror, you’re good

  11. Dystil

    The con is the Town Hall loot penalty

    >If you attack the same TH level or above, there is no penalty. Attacking a town hall below you incurs a 20% penalty so you only get 80% of the normal amount of loot. Attacking 2 town halls below incurs a 50% penalty, 3 town halls and it becomes a 75% penalty.

  12. TheEpicDuckGD

    i rushed so hard on my th9

  13. bot_yea

    If you’re *very* curious and interested about the rushing aspect of this game, consider reading [this]( in depth guide. The document linked there is properly formatted so it’s easy to navigate to what you want to read.

    I copied the summarized advantages of both rushing and maxing. The explanation is found in the document in the link I provided.

    **Why Maxing Isn’t the Only Way to Play**

    – Avoid bottlenecks
    – Better use of magic items
    – Earlier start on hero grind
    – More CWL medals
    – Shorter real life time to max
    – More time practicing viable attacks
    – Easier builder/laboratory management

    **In Defense of Maxing**

    – Maxing is simpler
    – Balance changes won’t break your strategy
    – You’ll never have to defend your base
    – You’ll actually get to use your heroes before fully maxed
    – Rushing can’t use regular war bases


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