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I have i question about leveling up?

I have i question about leveling up?

Should you first max level everything on that town hall and the level up town hall?

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  1. HapppyAlien

    Yes. It’s not always the best to get it to 100% but for the most part max everything

  2. oliver_cr

    Idealy yes so that your base has a better chance of defending. Any building that i did not max at a certain th level stayed untuched when i upgraded to the next level because there were many new upgrades to do like: new deffences, army camps, barracks, storages, heroes.

  3. sp00kypork

    Maxing 100% is the slowest way to progress. Just keep playing a townhall level until you get idle builders or will soon start overfilling on a resource. Only important stuff to full cap out is offense buildings, heroes, and have a fully maxed farming army/armies and a few war strats that you actually use fully maxed. Alot of lab upgrades are fluff for most players.


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