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Average CWL round 1 lineups per league – May 2021 (details in comments)

Average CWL round 1 lineups per league – May 2021 (details in comments)

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  1. RoboticChicken

    There has been a lot of anticipation for this one, so I hope you find it useful for your CWL planning! This is my 4th analysis of CWL lineups for round 1’s battle day: you can view last month’s post [here]( I scanned a total of 261 069 clans but had to truncate it to the first 249000 that were scanned, to keep within Google Sheets’ limits. I’m not too worried about excluding those samples though – I think the truncated sample size is good enough >!for now!< 😀

    May’s CWL was the first since the release of TH14, so naturally a large number of TH13s made the jump to the new level. You can see the charts for April vs May [here]( if you want to compare them.

    As with last month, I also compared the lineups for clans searching in the first vs last 24 hours (day 1 vs day 2) of the signup period in each league. You can find that data [here]( As I observed in April, day 2 seems to attract slightly weaker lineups than day 1 on average.

    If you’re interested in making your own analysis, you can grab [this .csv file]( containing the raw data. Alternatively you can view the [spreadsheets]( that were used to generate these charts – avoid opening the ‘Raw data’ tab unless you like to make computers suffer.


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