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HELP! Our Lvl 24 clan was hacked and sold!

HELP! Our Lvl 24 clan was hacked and sold!

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  1. lazarbimm

    U can’t buy clan can you ?

  2. iDaZzLeD

    Help! Our clan is turning 7 years old in July – we’ve been warring every other day since it was created in 2014. Somehow leadership was given to another fake account and that account kicked everyone out. That day it was sold for $1000 to a German clan. We joined their discord server and they admitted to purchasing it.

    Supercell isn’t helping us, we just get automated messages. We mentioned them on Twitter as well with no luck.

    Any thoughts? If we can’t get it back, please help us report the clan and all the leadership to get them banned!

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