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How is this base I made. Criticism allowed😁

How is this base I made. Criticism allowed😁

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  1. OutlandishnessWrong

    It’s a good base but all you resources are exposed in a natural funnel, and once any strong army is inside the core, your defenses are split in half so essentially, they only need to take half your base at a time.

    A strong base has the resource storages placed strategically to defend key defences, the town hall and clan castle are also placed strategically to lure an attackers eye and decisions. Your key defences like infernos, air defences and and splash defences are placed separate from others of their kind to prevent the attacker from hitting them all at once and leaving your base vulnerable, whereas archer towers have higher range sit in closer to the core and cannons having shorter ranger sit out closer to the edge.

    Otherwise good, very innovative, with some tweaking it could be very strong.

  2. Alfred-Ooh

    what he said ^

  3. Dmanbang

    I like this base

  4. Traditional_Intern28

    Would you mind if I have give it a try?


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