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War Weight and Upgrades

War Weight and Upgrades

I’m just going to lay out my entire situation for you guys: I’m a pretty casual player that just went from a maxed-defenses th10 base to th11. I like to keep a low war weight and focus on just upgrading troops and barracks and stuff before defenses. I did buy Grand Warden though because I was itching to use him. But now I have a dilemma. I’ve maxed out my gold and will have 5mil coming in from the end of season and another 4 mil coming in from clan games and war – so essentially another full capacity. I’ve already upgraded my CC so I can’t use it on that. Do you guys think I should just go crazy on my defenses or what order should I do them in? Or something else entirely?
Side note: I am #5 in our clan for war so does that mean my war weight doesn’t really even matter that much?
Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this and maybe even tried to help 🙂
P.S. Hopefully this is within guidelines; I couldn’t find anything that said it wasn’t

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  1. LamarjbYT

    Play how you want, though personally I feel like the benefit of gaining and placing everything new out-weights the war weight.

  2. VibeVXB

    The rush to upgrade now isnt too extreme because 1: the gold from the pass can overfill and 2: the gold from clan games goes into your clan castle just incase you didnt know that already. I would say if you have the builders just say fuck it and upgrade the most expensive defense or get the eagle artillery if you havent because it definitely cant hurt. That is if you want. This is your choice

  3. Alabama-Getaway

    War weight is much different today than pre TH12. Offense is counted but hidden during matchmaking. Where you sit on the war map is solely based on defense, but your total measured weight could be higher or lower. If you are looking to look good, and use a hit mirror strategy, don’t drop new defenses. You’ll do well personally, but could be a negative for the overall clan. Are your top 4, also th11 or are they higher level? In other words, do you have to defend to win? Against us, a th11 without any upgraded defenses probably gets tripled by a th10. If you’re facing very casual opponents you may defend against th11’s. Too many variables for a real answer. Usually, you’re good if you upgrade camps, warden, and a war army before you start really upgrading defenses. But not dropping them Permanently is not advantageous.


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