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There should be a way to have “approved” players in your clan

There should be a way to have “approved” players in your clan

For the invite only or closed clans, players should have the ability to get approved. That way, if they leave the clan for someone reason (like to get donations from another clan), they can come back to the original clan without sending another invite.

Any promotion to Elder or higher would automatically approve someone, and you would have the option to approve regular members as well. Thoughts?

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  1. LamarjbYT

    Make it alt account and promote it. Might not be the answer you want but it does fix the issue for invited clans. Though, you’ll still need a higher up too promote you again if you’re only a elder.

  2. Alabama-Getaway

    Better coordination between linked or family of clans has been requested for years. SC agrees that it would be a nice QoL feature and then does nothing. We just start a new account, get to th3, join sister clan and get promoted. Then can move around.


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