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Finding The Best Pet For Archer Queen | Clash of Clans

Finding The Best Pet For Archer Queen | Clash of Clans

Today we gonna find out and break down the myth of the best pet for Archer Queen in Clash of Clans. Is Unicorn really the best pet for Archer Queen? Is there any better option? We have 4 pets in Clash of Clans and let’s find the best pet for Archer Queen.

I’m gonna combine Archer Queen with every pets and see who team up better. Starting with new Cannon formation, Giga Inferno Formation and then the real defense formation we gonna find out which pet is the best match for Archer Queen. We may think Unicorn is the most suitable for the job since we all very familiar with how Queen Walk work and replace healer with Unicorn instead to save some elixir and housing space. But what about Mighty Yak which can help Archer Queen with the shooting the wall problem. L.A.S.S.I can clear defense that attacked Archer Queen since she can climb the wall. Last but not least Electro Owl which can deal chain damage.

Who do you think is the best pet for Archer Queen?
Let’s see and Enjoy!

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