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Can anyone give me criticism? This happens every time I try to use lalo

Can anyone give me criticism? This happens every time I try to use lalo

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  1. _s0si

    Well, first of all, you shouldn’t be using laloon if you don’t have heroes available, at least for cw, i would recommend you blimping the TC to secure the star if your heroes are not available, second of all, you’re wasting a bunch of balloons in taking down single infernos, if you’re doing laloon, singles aren’t that much of an issue since they’ll get swarmed easily, also you’d want the hounds to pop, just so that you can have extra cleanup!!. I pushed as a TH10 all the way up to titans II using electrone laloon, and it’s super strong. Keep grinding and upgrading your spells, clone being the most crucial one.

  2. The_Bold_One1234

    Well, for starters you always have to send in lavahounds in front of the loons. That’s what theyre for, after all. Take cleanup troops, they can come in clutch and prevent a timefail.

    You also shouldn’t be using Lalo without heroes. You should have used the Queen to QC to take out some crucial buildings and create pathing for your lalo.

    A stone slammer is, in most cases, always better than a blimp for lalo. It acts as an extra lava hound and a mega balloon.

    Take more haste spells. Use them earlier and spam them more.

    Don’t try to use half of your army at the top and half at the bottom. Try to overwhelm the defenses, but also be surgical about it. Place 5 loons and a haste to be sure than your balloons stay on path, while also taking out a WT/AT.

    That’s about it. But also watch videos on YT, especially by Kenny Jo and Judo Sloth on how to lalo, watch how and when they deploy their troops and listen carefully to their commentary

  3. RT250

    Your pathing was pretty awkward after the electrone portion. Because of that awkward pathing your loons and hounds separated after they cleared the first section of defenses.

    The loons spent on wiz towers was a waste. Just take the first one while a hound is tanking and use the group of loons that were on the top wizard tower to create better pathing by clearing the defenses at 3 that were left so your loons don’t split.

    Once you got to the actual lalo segment it was pretty messy. You just spammed in the loons with no rhyme or reason. Drop small clusters of loons to specifically target defenses to allow your original pack to flow smoothly through the base (in the example, clockwise).the second hound was unnecessary and should have been saved for closer to the backend.

  4. Sudden-Restaurant-39

    also just to add from everyone else: why didn’t you spread your minions out more for more % you had a whole half free from defences and you put them all in one small area

  5. cluelesstater23

    Well for starters where the hell are your heroes?edit: also you need a level 3 clone and 5 rage

  6. big-klit

    Your problem was not taking out the cannon and archer tower at about 1:10 left on the replay. When doing lalo think about the base as a pie and in this circumstance the electrone cut a piece out of it. The lalo has to be pathed around the “pie” in a circle to be successful, or else your balloons will spread out and die and your hastes will go to waste

  7. Alabama-Getaway

    That’s a difficult base to lalo. Why not hit a different base.


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