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How do top players 3 star so much, especially in legends?

How do top players 3 star so much, especially in legends?

How do the top players 3 star bases so much in legends? I know TH14 just came out so things are a bit strange at the moment, but even at TH 13 it is unbelievable. I would say I am a very good attacker, currently about 5500 trophy range without trying too much. I watch videos, streams, everything, in order to study and get better. However, I am completely lost at how the top players 3 star so much and gain so many trophies. Half the time I have no idea why my attacks are not three starring. I’ve been using pewiwi as its one of the top strategies right now, but I cannot consistently three star with it. What is it these players are doing differently? They get 290-320 trophies a day which is crazy. I have studied their attacks, and tried to replicate them and half the time I have absolutely no idea why my attack doesn’t work. What am I missing? One example is inferno baby drag attacks right now. I’ll watch a cwl match and these things just absolutely destroy. Then I go out and try the exact same thing, and the troops don’t get anywhere as far. Any tips is appreciated! Thanks

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  1. Salausmart

    When you’re watching attacks on YouTube, make sure you listen to the caster/attackers explanations. They take out some buildings for a reason and the entered from a particular side for a reason so you need to take note of all that.


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