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  1. I like the green on top with the green glow, but I feel like the gold parts on the top are too thick, like the green stripe should be just a tad bit thicker. From far away I notice the gold very clearly but not so much the green portion

  2. I personally like it, but the walls look like they have holes in them, if they can add some sort of green wood in the center it would look sick.

  3. It fits the design theme and color scheme, but the distribution of colors on them is horrendous. Maybe switching the green and yellow around would have worked better. I also don’t like the green and yellow combo as a whole, and was more hoping for the green to be paired with mainly purple and black instead of yellow and black. The cannons and scattershots do look good imo, and the inferno tower as well since there was already going to be orange lava on it no matter the TH colors, but the walls…. man they suck. Idk, maybe they’ll look better on a maxed base with all of the buildings than they do in this ss, but as of right now, its not a good thing that they look like level 1 walls.

  4. I don’t think they look like max walls. The TH13 walls look stronger/ more intimidating. The defences look amazing though!

  5. The canons look so simple and blanc compared to the town hall 13 ones, it feels like a huge downgrade. I like the rest more or less but the canons just feel like going 10 levels back

  6. the walls look weird when comparing their color to the grass. the outside of the walls blend in to the grass and it looks weird. they do match the theme and they’re pretty cool. it would be dope if SS added a scenery that darkens the color of the grass or something to make the walls feel more in place.

  7. This is the best th level I ever saw. The hole green, gold and brown combination is just beautiful

  8. I agree with you, on the normal base i think they’ll look pretty ugly, especially besides the level 14 walls but on the war base I think they’ll look exceptional

  9. I hate everything about the color scheme, it just looks so yellow, deep yellow. It will look even worse on a war map I feel. I would like it if green was more emphasised, but no, you’ve got to go back to gold

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