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  1. Was just looking and one thing stood out to me, inferno level 8 multi mode can shoot 6 beams?? I think that’s intended as a nerf for hybrid and lalo, moreso for hybrid. Now is the time when defense will slightly balance offense due to the new defense levels but not a major boost to offense.

  2. The wording on [the clash blog]( does not contain all the info posted on [the clash forum sneak peek #1 post](

    Per the forums:

    > We’ve got new Defense levels, new Hero levels, new Troop levels, the all new *** *****, and even the ******** *** can be upgraded to fight back!

    > What do the ****** mean? Well stay tuned over the next couple days and find out as we go into the Town Hall 14 content release features!

  3. **Town Hall 14**

    Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost Storage Capacity (Gold) Storage Capacity (Elixir) Storage Capacity (Dark Elixir) Hit Points
    20 days
    16M Gold 2M Gold 2M Elixir 20K Dark Elixir 8900

    **Town Hall 14 Giga Inferno**

    Town Hall 14 will still have a Giga Inferno that can be upgraded 5 levels. However, when the Town Hall is destroyed, it’ll now drop a Poison Bomb that deals damage, slows enemy attacks and movement speed.

    **Upgrading to Town Hall 14 unlocks…**

    25x Wall pieces

    1x Air Bomb

    1x Seeking Air Mine

    1x Skeleton Trap

    1x Bomb

    1x Giant Bomb

    **New Defense/Building/Trap Levels**

    Level 12 Laboratory

    Level 10 Clan Castle

    Level 15 Gold Storage

    Level 15 Elixir Storage

    Level 9 Dark Elixir Storage

    Level 20 Cannon

    Level 13 Hidden Tesla

    Level 9 Bomb Tower

    Level 8 Inferno Tower

    Level 5 Eagle Artillery

    Level 3 Scattershot

    Level 10 Bomb

    Level 15 Wall

    **New Hero Levels**

    Barbarian King Level 80 → Iron Fist Level 16

    Archer Queen Level 80 → Royal Cloak Level 16

    Grand Warden Level 55 → Eternal Tome + Life Aura
    Level 11

    Royal Champion Level 30 → Seeking Shield Level 6

    **New Troop Levels**

    Level 10 Barbarian

    Level 10 Archer

    Level 10 Wall Breaker

    Level 7 Healer

    Level 8 Baby Dragon

    Level 10 Minion

    Level 9 Valkyrie

    Level 6 Ice Golem

    New Spell Levels

    Level 7 Clone

    Level 8 Poison

    **Balance Changes**

    Level 6 Clone Spell house space effect has been increased from 33 to 34

    Super Giant HP has been reduced by 200

    Super Minion DPS has been decreased by 50. HP has been increased by 100

    Inferno Dragon level 2 DPS has been decreased from 80-1600 to 79-1580 and HP reduced by 50

    Inferno Dragon beam cooldown time has been increased from 0.5s to 0.6s

    Increase max Spell donation count by 1 for Clans of Level 4 and above

    Level 8 Inferno Tower will have 6 beams while in Multi-Inferno mode

    In the supercell forum this was also said
    >We’ve got new Defense levels, new Hero levels, new Troop levels, the all new *** *****, and even the ******** *** can be upgraded to fight back!

    ([Link]( )

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  5. We have got a good buff to defense with new levels on scatters, eagles and infernos (multi 6 mode). Not a very huge one, but it will definitely reduce the number of triples we see in normal wars as well as the clash world’s qualifiers. Tho I am sure by the time get to the World finals, offense will get new levels too, to make it more or less the same with the current offense to defense balance.

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