Omg could people stop complaining about cwl match ups already. It’s based on your LEAUGE, Not town hall or skill? You may see it as unfair but it happens to everyone at some point, even champion 1 clans! It should be an insentient for you and your clan to improve and recruit a wider range of players with more experience and skill. And it’s just a game lol

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  1. Most people are aware that it’s based on your league. It just sucks major ass a week long event is basically your clan getting destroyed. Which you have to put through with it for CWL medals. The only people it’s fun for are clans in champs or the top 2 clans that are destroying everyone else.

    I also wanted to repost a post that u/congressmancoolrick made asking people if CWL can be fixed and if so how. Thought it was interesting. Wish I saw it back then ,and it sucks more it didn’t gather much attention. Luckily discussion posts have been on the rise lately.

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