>Bronze 3 — Bronze 2 400 — 600


>Bronze 2 — Silver 3 500 — 1000


>Bronze 1 — Silver 2 600 — 1200


>Silver 2 — Gold 3 1000 — 1600


>Silver 1 — Gold 2 1200 — 1800


>Gold 2 — Crystal 3 1600 — 2200


>Gold 1 — Crystal 1 1800 — 2600


>Crystal 3 — Crystal 1 2000 — 2600


>Crystal 3 — Crystal 1 2000 — 2600


>Crystal 2 — Master 2 2200 — 3000


>Champion 1 — Titan 1 4100 — 5000
These numbers represent which trophy ranges yield the optimal loot for each Town Hall level. Individuals might have different preferences for their attacks and the loot that they receive. Mess around with the trophies and find out what you like!

The rule of thumb is quite simple: If you’re making good loot where you are, stay there! If you aren’t making enough, then go up!

Numbers can fluctuate with player activity. As of April 6, 2021, dead bases are much harder to find with the excitement of the up-and-coming TH14. Players are more active during this time.

Some people like working in lower leagues for this Town Hall. Going into Crystal at TH9 can be difficult so some choose to stay in gold. Gold, though, as less Dark Elixir and you’ll find yourself needing this resource quit often!

**TH10 — TH11**

Champion and Titan league is popular in Town Hall 10 as you get a much greater yield of Dark Elixir and loot in general. You’ll find that at TH10 you’ll be much stronger when attacking and defending so this is a very sustainable trophy range.

**TH12 — TH13**

It may seem very weird but many players like the Gold/Crystal Range at these Town Hall levels. It’s easier to find dead bases and it’s a great range for getting very easy loot!


For TH13, specifically, you’ll notice it was placed very high and you can definitely play much lower and maybe do better than the range I suggested. Maybe Crystal/Champion.

Also, don’t go into Legend League. Loot is scarce in Legends as people are using it constantly to sustain their armies and upgrade their bases. You likely won’t have any luck in such a high trophy range.
The best farming method for TH3-TH7 is Barch! (Barbarians and Archers) Find a base with an easily Lure-Able CC and if there’s something good inside, surrender the battle and find a new base to attack.

For TH10-TH13 you just want to look for dead bases, this means the Infernos will be black, the Eagle Artillery ‘head’ will be open and smoke will come out of the top. The Scattershots and XBows will appear empty. None of these defenses will be able to defend the base, making it mich easier to attack. Also, dead bases often have full collectors which means great loot!

Some people have totally different loot experiences in the exact same league so this data could, very well, mean nothing to you. You could earn way more or way less loot in much higher or much lower trophy ranges. It’s weird how it works but the best way for you to understand is to do some experimenting yourself!

Find what’s good for you and work with it! Have fun Chief!

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