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  1. I’ve not been at Th9 for multiple years, but this seems pretty susceptible to lavaloon since the air defs are so far out

  2. Lalo will not have much trouble against this base – that being said, I’ve not seen a lalo player in a **long** time. Last time I saw lalo was when army camps were 5×5 and laboratory was 4×4.

    Besides, this base does a lot of things right and it having a weakness does not mean that the base is bad. You can’t defend against *every* attack style and there will always be a player with a specific army composition that will end up completely destroying your base. Your main goal as TH9 is to prevent losses against the most used attack styles – that being queenwalk/charge baby dragons, mass dragons, mass hogs, many varieties of witch slaps and gowipe (although as soon as you get your X-bows, that attack strategy should start dying down fast).

    As far as I can tell, this base is very difficult for witch slaps to traverse. It has some decent spacing in the base and has the most important defenses in the center, which at town hall 9 is hard to punish due to a lack of siege machines. It could definitely use more big bombs on the outside though.

    Queenwalks and queencharges are difficult to punish, but the most important part for any aerial attack is to avoid zap (or zapquake) value and this base does do so to a decent extent. More big bombs on the outside would be beneficial if the bombs are placed in areas where the X-bows have coverage together with one or two defenses, which could quickly force a queen ability.

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