So, just cause people mentioned it was possible, I created a TH2 account during hammer jam and successfully joined it to my clan. Hurray! But then I had a really bad idea:

What would happen if some one made a clan of only TH2’s and took it into war?

What on earth would the matchmaking look like? Would it get matched up to impossible heavy clans (like I don’t know, TH4’s or something) and would it keep losing over and over again? Are there even clans like that to match up with?! I probably don’t have the patience to try this, so other Redditors or famous YouTubers, feel free to steal the idea and give a shout out with the results.


Turns out I’m obviously not the first to think of this. There is a clan with 50 TH2’s called TH2 only: Tag: #2LL2QQ8VP

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  1. Why hasn’t this been done before?! This is a million dollar idea (for the ytbrs who will hopefully steal your idea)

  2. Betting mostly th4s. I honestly might just make a bunch of th2 accounts during this event just to see the results.

  3. Eric made a 30v30 TH2 war with the viewers of the stream a couple of days ago. And he put the clan in CWL and is still spinning.

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