So how did everyone’s season go? Had an excellent season up here in Master 2. My best season yet and broke a heap of personal records. Came extremely close to actually winning my group as well.

A heap of firsts for me. This season I managed to get a perfect 90 in three wars, got 6 wins for the first time, notched more war stars than any other clan (lost by win bonus), had more three stars than any other clan, scored 67 or more in every war (a new personal high in M2 for me) and finished more than 190 up in star difference. Had some epic attacks with some of my lower accounts. Accounts with 40/40/50/25 heroes that tripled fully maxed bases on at least 5 occasions. Only bad things this season was the 7 one star attacks. Without them I get promoted to M1.

I had myself down for 5 wins and 550 stars at the start of the season but managed to get lucky against the filipino clan. They lost by 1 but had 3 non attackers. Can imagine a few players going off their nut in that clan. My only loss was by 2 stars to a clan with heroes with average combined levels of 210 to my 170. My weakest accounts are now starting to get quite competitive and I am starting to move from a competitive clan to a contender clan here in Master 2. Happy days ahead.

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