There isn’t much incentive to purchase the gold pass as maxed player, the hero skin & 1 gem boost being the only things really going for it.

Currently the CC req timer sits at 10mins with a lv10+ clan. On a training boost your army is ready every ~10 mins once your heroes are up and reduced to ~8 mins with the full 20% training boost reduction from the gold pass with the CC being unaffected. Because of this it’s not possible to make effective use of the 20% reduction w/o gemming the last ~2mins of the req timer every attack which costs 7-8 gems.

Take legend hits for example – with 8 attacks a day you can just about get 7 attacks done around the time a boost runs out and have to wait for heroes to regen to get the last one done. If the 20% boost was extended to the the req timer it would be reduced to 8 mins and it would be possible to get all 8 attacks done within a 1h hour boost.

Idk what others opinion on this are but as someone who likes to get all their hits done in 1 block this alone would probably incentivise me to buy the pass if it was implemented. It would cost ~1800 gems a month just to gem the CC timer for 8 legends hits p/day so I can perhaps understand the monetary reason behind it but SC are otherwise denying a good portion of players a pretty significant QoL change.

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