I am currently a max th8 other than walls. I have full storages so am looking to upgrade a troop? What should I do? Plz note: if I didn’t list something, I either have no interest in using the troop(barbs arch gob) or they are maxed for my th(dragons valks wiz)

Wallbreakers->lvl 4

Balloons->lvl 5

Poison-> lvl 2

Earthquake->lvl 2

Hogs->lvl 4

Golems->lvl 2

I currently use all dragons but plan on using golems wiz and valks once I am th9

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  1. even though you dont use them, i would still upgrade barbs and archers because your hero ability spawned troops are the level in your laboratory, so they have an impact everytime you use your heroes

  2. Goblins suck but I would recommend upgrading them when you’re at least town hall 10 so when you go to 11 you can use sneaky goblins and definitely upgrade your archers and barbarians for your heroes

  3. Upgrade troops that make up GoWiPe. Now it is almost a dead army now but it will help you learn more complicated attack way more easily at higher townhalls, 10 and above.

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