Does anyone have a diagram of item upgrades and the weight they have in war? Want to know how much it would actually effect my weight by waiting to get eagle/upgrading infernos/wizards. Thx

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    That’s my source from were I’m getting information on war weight so I’m not 100% sure if it’s the actual numbers. But in it corrupt said that the eagle is 500 per level, inferno is 400 per level, and xbow is 300, wizard tower is 300, sweepers is 225, canons,archer towers, and air defenses is 200, tesla are the cheapest war weight building, traps and walls barely add anything.

    I also think it’s just common sense whats a more powerful defenses an eagle artillery or an archer tower? So if your planning your upgrades on war weight then the best path is traps>air defenses> Canon and archer towers>wizard towers>xbows>eagle lvl 1 > infernos> eagle lvl 2

  2. Since the start of clan wars people have asked for this. To my knowledge, only 1 clan ever had it exactly dialed in. They didn’t share with the public. Numerous people have published weight charts, every single one was wrong. The current long win streak clans, have the new matchmaking algorithm down, but they don’t really share.

  3. I have always kept my war weight low, kept my offense high and maxed every TH before moving up. For example I had max TH13 troops and heros while keeping my weight at the bottom of the 13s. New 13s would pass me within weeks even though I had max troops. Eagle is the last upgrade before the TH weapon. Infernos are right before mortars and mortars are before eagle.

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