With th14 not too far away my mind is running with ideas on what they could possibly add as the new defence for the new town hall.

If you look at the history of the new defence we get starting from xbow to inferno to eagle to giga town hall to scattershot, each new defence is *significantly* worse than the last. I remember thinking wtf 1000 damage from the inferno? Rip heroes. Then WTF unlimited range on the eagle??? Then the giga bomb one shotting half the troops AND freezing through the warden tome holy shit. And most recently I got so mad because the scatters ruined my dragbat strat.

What new awful defence can you think of that is possible but a huge pain in the ass to deal with? *I hope Darian isn’t reading this*

I’ll start:

A Super Xbow with 25/20 tiles of range and 300 dps. You get two of them.

Giga Inferno -Your town hall beams are now multi inferno beams that turn into singles after the start up time

A Guard Post (like in builder base) with 10 barbs and 10 archers

Super Air Defence – 15 tiles range and you get two of them. Rip queen charges forever lmao this would legit be the worst!

Come on people what’s the worst they could do to us? *Scare me*

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  1. The Town hall weapon ones shots everything no matter what in a 10 tile radius is the worst they could do I guess

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