To try to keep it brief, I run 4 accounts in a clan of a few very casual adults and a handful of elementary-school kids. I’m not very casual, but I like playing with my children and their friends/family. I/we are annoyed in silver 2 league currently because half of most clans we face up against are TH10+ when we only have a couple of TH9s and 8s, and the rest 5-7s.

Is there more I should know about rushing before I do it? I feel like bumping my accounts up from 7-9 to 11-12 ASAP would mean better donations for the casual players, I can get my stars on the 11+ we see so the lower THs have more targets to pick from lower, we would have more control of moving up in league if we want to try it, etc. It wouldn’t hurt anyone else in normal events and games and stuff either to have better donations from me; we currently have no way of doing events like headhunters or super troops since no one is above TH9.

But how would our clan consisting of, like, 3 9s, 3 8s, and a handful of 7 and below be affected if suddenly a 9 and 3 7/8s turn into 11-12? Will normal wars suddenly be miserable for my other clan members? Will farming resources become too hard for me when I go up without 2-3 maxed army compositions? Perhaps most importantly, am I correct in thinking that low level defenses are largely irrelevant for me in this clan since our enemies in wars and leagues have easy targets to choose from anyway and never use all 15 (rarely even 10) attacks?

I’m not going to pump money into this, so I’m still not going to jump from 7-9 to 11-12 overnight. But it seems I could get there in a month instead of a year if there’s no “point” for me, given this situation, to worry about leveling up defenses when all we face are 3/4 afk th9-13 in leagues and 1/2 afk th6-13 in normal wars. I just don’t want to ruin everyone’s “fun” in normal wars or my fun in trying to farm for more upgrades.

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  1. As a non-casual player you should understand that multiplayer defenses are pretty much entirely irrelevant. Regardless of your rushed status, you should just throw up a Crows base and see if you can hold onto your dark elixir every once in a while.

    Rushing will benefit your clan massively. Assuming you don’t have a TH12, getting an account up as soon as possible will boost your clan up several CWL leagues and likely make your casual clanmates more interested in pushing up town halls to enjoy sieges.

  2. Hey Google sin of dusk guides. They are very good till th11 and are the most comprehensive strategic rushing guides available

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