[Ask] Max TH8 before TH9?

Hey everyone! Just wanna preface this by saying I used to play religiously (maxed out th9 minus the walls) and started getting into it again. I am currently maxed out at TH8 except for my walls and some troop/spell upgrades, and was wondering if I should max out my walls from 7 to 8 before moving on to TH9. I did this on my other account, but I recently read something that said it is more beneficial to upgrade to TH9 even if your walls aren’t all maxed out. Is this true? Just wanna make sure before spending the 3mil upgrade that can be used on walls instead. Thanks!

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One Thought to “[Ask] Max TH8 before TH9?”

  1. Chris420691

    Upgrade as many walls as you can so you have some more time to max out more things in the lab. Also maxing out walls will let you not have to upgrade walls three times at th9 so it is a bit more beneficial to upgrade them.

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