I’m trying to avoid getting the Rogue King skin in my inventory, but I’m also missing the comfort of having the gold pass.

Common sense would lead one to think that the statement in the title of this post is true, but I remember seeing a comment somewhere that the game would just give you the skin anyway, even if you don’t complete the pass, is that true?

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  1. afaik you shouldnt get the skin if you dont finish it. But watch out once you reach the end of the pass, that you dont finish it by accident by completing the daily donate troops mission or smth

  2. I get that you might not like the skin.. but why does it matter if its in your inventory? Its not like you have to use it

  3. I don’t know if I understand, but you have to manually collected the skin. But why wouldn’t you get the skin, you paid for it ?

  4. Just keep it in your inventory, why would you purposely not finish just because you don’t like the skin?

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