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New CoC Devil Barbarian Concept Art 😈 [MISC]

New CoC Devil Barbarian Concept Art 😈 [MISC]


The Devil Barbarian is a man amongst men. Level 14 walls shiver in his wake. He splits tides, kicks ass and farms dark elixir 😈 . His blood is elixir and is also why his nipples and wings are purple. He has activated his Sharingan and can see the elixir in the bloodlines of others. His abilities include:

1. Devil Grin 😈. This ability reduces the speed of all defenses by 50%.
2. Devil Splitter 😈 . This allows the Devil Barbarian to throw his trident over walls and hit defenses.
3. Devil’s Rage 😈 . This ability gives him rage for a couple of seconds and gives him demon minions.
4. Minion Crush 😈 . Crushes all enemies in a five tile radius.

Hope you like my concept art/OC. Please upvote this so Supercell can see my OC!

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