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[Ask] Is it too late to learn th13 lavaloon from scratch?

[Ask] Is it too late to learn th13 lavaloon from scratch?

I have no background of playing lavaloon so is it too hard to play it at th13 right away?

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  1. marcintosch

    It is never to late to learn one of (if not the) strongest attack strategy. Watch some YT vids, iTzu, Powerbang, CarbonFin, Judo Sloth, they have some nice tutorials to learn. Important key: ask your clan mates to let you train it on different types of bases, since some layouts are better for LaLo and some not.

    Learn the differences between ZapLaLo, SuiLaLo und QCLaLo, since all three have different strategies and mixing them up can end in miserable 0-1 star attacks.

  2. Hitman_Pug

    It is fairly easy to lalo in lower th with queen walk or charge in th 13 it gets hard u should still be able to master it in 7 to 9 days if u have a good leveled up queen

  3. New_Quail9855

    Lure cc with loon or 2 loons+haste

    Kill cc with AQ

    Send lavaloon, Haste all over the place
    And see how it goes, after that try different strategies with lavaloon maybe with freeze or with AQ walk/charge

    Key as new laloon attacker is to get used to loons+lava in general so spammy is easier then surgical for starters


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