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[MISC]Account hacked again

[MISC]Account hacked again

Good day. I need to ask for assistance in any way possible. My account has been hacked for a second time and I have no way to recover it. The person somehow disconnected my supercell ID so with in game recovery it doesn’t allow me to get my account back. I have no way to contact clash of clash or more specifically supercell about this issue as their email is full and they have no other methods of communication. Last time I received my account back they would not reply to my request of getting my name back, but when the same issue happened with clash royale they happily restored my account and gave me a free name change back to my original. I need somehow to not spend another 500 gems to receive my name back if I can get my account back. Any help is appreciated and I would love if anyone could tell me how I could go about trying to get my account back as I’ve already seen the name of the account been changed

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