[GLITCH] FIND NEW MEMBERS doesnt work and Supercell doesnt care

Hi, anyone else having issue (or had) where FIND NEW MEMBER was disabled? Like grey out with no member visible? Its me, its cos, its on tablet, its on different phones…its our clan (Our clan is clan since 2012).
If you had that problem in past – how did it get resolved?
Because I reported it to Supercell Support and their level of care on 0 to 10 scale – is like 1. Professionally responded that they don’t care.
Here is their response: “use supercell forum link to recruit new members”

Like seriously??? 😂😂😂
Btw we are Closed clan…
So I wrote again, co supposedly wrote too.
Response: “attach screen shot”
Can’t attach screenshot in this medium but could send it in email – can you give me email?
“We can’t help you, bye” was response…

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