[GLITCH] Client and Server out of Sync Bug? Happens Frequently.

This happens frequently when attacking for me, sometimes the Wifi symbol will pop up, flash a few times and then the error will occur, or sometimes it just happens without the Wifi symbol. I don’t know if this is because of my phone (Pixel 5), my Internet (Xfinity at both home and work), or Clash of Clans itself. I don’t seem to have any other errors besides with this game so I don’t know what the deal is or how to fix it but it pisses me the fuck off when I spend half an hour training an army and then I go to use it and then I get disconnected and lose the battle because I wasn’t in long enough to drop any spells. Anyone have any ideas or what I should do?

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One Thought to “[GLITCH] Client and Server out of Sync Bug? Happens Frequently.”

  1. Razgriz80

    Client and server get out of sync for a number of reasons (if it lags behind too much is one). But one to check for is if your IP address changes while the app is still open (like if you change from one WiFi to another or WiFi to internet via wireless signal through your cell carrier). This is because it authenticates you based on your op address, so if it changes you are no longer authenticated and cannot do anything.

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