Thought I’d show it here since I know many of you don’t go to the forums.
Here are the details:

Submissions will remain open until 5pm (Helsinki time) Thursday, February 11th. Winners will be posted on Friday, February 12th


1st Place: 2000 Gems

2nd Place: 1000 Gems

3rd Place: 500 Gems

Of course every contest has to have rules and here are the rules for this one:

All entries must be submitted to this thread.

All submissions must use one of the two templates provided above, submitted by the deadline above.

No vulgar, inappropriate, trolling/obnoxious, political, or adult content.

All entries must be in English and must relate to Clash of Clans.

Winners will be notified via DM on the Forums.

Do not post your account information publicly, we will contact you via DM to let you know you’ve won.

Winning account must be in good standing and not have negative Gems.

Here’s the link to the post with the templates and where you can submit the meme.

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  1. Convenient outlet for everyone still wanting to make memes during this week… Thanks for the heads up and the link!

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