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  1. I’ve played on and off since 2015, but I got a new phone last year and decided to start fresh. It’s been a great ride, and my progress wouldn’t have been possible without things like the Gold Pass.

    Seriously, it’s nuts how much the GP speeds things up. Back when I first started I remember how you had to manually rearm traps, etc. Also, walls. The grind stays real.

  2. I had a townhall 10 account couple years back, and I’ve lost access to it and never got it back.

    I started fresh couples weeks ago and currently almost at TH5!

    What does the gold pass do! And keep up the good work.

  3. I’ve played since 2012 on my main, taking large breaks every so often when I’d lose interest in the game, got 7 accounts now: 1 Effectively max th13, 1 th12, 1 th11, 2 th10 and 2 th8s. Game has changed so much since then, th sniping made it so much easier to push wherever you needed to go. Pretty much every clan i used to be in is dead though, first clan I remember was called A&D only, used to farm donations off it to level up when I got bored, all the ascii art in global chat was always great

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