I’ve seen the numerous posts of people getting banned by the SC support for not providing adequate enough information, or they’ve practically snitched on themselves for sharing accounts and got banned, but I wonder if anyone has any good moments to tell when SC support helped them?

For instance, a few years back my house burned down along with my iPhone that held my CoC account (this was before Supercell ID) and I remember making a new account on an old device I bought to message the support team. They were extremely helpful and sympathetic towards my situation and within a few days I was given my account back, I was extremely grateful as I started my account in the end of August 2012. I can’t remember the exact line of questioning but it was nowhere near as difficult as it is today to recover an account, they asked what clan I was in and any screenshots I had from my base (I took plenty at the time because I enjoyed the game so much I had lots of progress screenshots). Just thought I’d share, since the support gets bashed for so many of their actions I wanted to share my good experience I had with them.

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  1. I’d formatted my phone, but hadn’t set up a supercell account yet (new to the game). I had my account back within a couple of hours of contacting them, though the only accurate information I gave them was my account name ? all the other info was way off haha

  2. People are way more likely to come here to complain about support. OMGI GOT BANNED is worthy of posting to a lot of people… “I asked for help and received it” generally isn’t noteworthy or something people want to talk about, its just expected.

    Support isn’t always terrible, and its not always great. I do hope that someone from supercell occasionally looks and sees how many people have negative experiences with support and then tries to improve the process.

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