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  1. After the war, please post a screenshot or replay with your result in the comments of this post. Tag the person that gave the advice to let them know how it went!

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  2. i attacked very similar base this cwl with my th9.
    I did qc hogs and it worked very well.
    Start the queencharge at the top builder hall‘s right side and breach her in at the other builder hall and then 1 more time 1 layer deeper. after your queen takes out enemy queen and cc just spam hogs at the right side of the base and let them run through.

    Army looked like this (can be modified)

    4 Healers

    26 Hogs

    6 Wallbreak

    1 BabyDrag

    2 Wiz

    4 Archer

    3 Heal



    CC: Hogs and Freeze.

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