So I run a clan of my own 15 accounts, and I finally had enough to feel comfortable for a CWL. I have a th11, Th10, th9, 2 th8s, 5 th7s, a th6, a th5, and 3 th3s.
My first CWL matchup was awful, ran into two th11s and two th10s, but fair to my clan the rest of the way down. However, this second matchup is nothing short of ABYSMAL. A th13, 3 th12s, 2 th11s, a th10, 7 th9s, and a th8, none of which are rushed. I don’t usually complain about matchups, as it sometimes works out if the top messes up. But what am I supposed to do here? This is literally a 0% chance of me winning.

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