Can they make it so that you loose less loot and trophy’s I’d you get attacked by a higher th. I am a max th7 in gold 2 and am constantly getting 3 starred and losing loads of loot especially after season challenges
Something needs to happen because it’s just not fair because I’m getting destroyed by pekkas and archer queen’s something needs to be done

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  1. They already made it for loot. When attacking -1 th level only 80% of loot is available. For -2 it’s even less.

    As to trophies, they don’t matter, so don’t bother. Plus it would be tricky to balance, considering some th7 push as high as legend. If they would loose less trophies on defense it would make trophy push too much easier.

  2. You do lose less loot when attacked by a higher TH level:

    |**Town Hall Level Difference**|**Percentage of Loot Available**|
    |Same or higher level|100%|
    |1 level lower|80%|
    |2 levels lower|50%|
    |3 levels lower|25%|
    |4 or more levels lower|5%|

    Trophies naturally balance out based on your TH level, once you get stronger and attack high level villages, you’ll be able to gain more trophies,

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