When I got a new cell phone a while back, I put clash of clans on it fairly quickly. It is at town hall 10. The elixir, dark elixir, and gold collectors are at as high of a level allowed at town hall 10. The gold and elixir storages are as high of a level allowed, but the dark elixir storage isn’t yet fully upgraded for this town hall. Most of the normal troops (the ones that use elixir, not dark elixir) are as high of a level as allowed along with the clan castle and army camps.

All of the exterior walls are at least level 8 and I am working through the ones in the center to get them all up to level 8. It won’t take too much longer to get there. The ones that are below level 8 are at level 7.

The barbarian king is only level 20 right now and the queen is upgrading to level 23.

Do you think it would be too early to upgrade to town hall 11?

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  1. Honestly, I will probably get downvoted, but it’s all up to you. I went to TH 10 with level 7, or 8 walls for a long time. I’m an 11 now, want to move to 12, but feel like I never have enough gold to upgrade traps. I’m completely done with research. Research was the whole reason I kept upgrading th.

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