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  1. One thing I never see people tell beginners is to start rushing builder base for OTTO asap. You can’t unlock him until th10, but it only takes about ~6 months to do all the other requirements. Its such a HUGE benefit in the long run to have that extra builder as early as possible. Plus doing about 6 hits a day take minimal time now. Totally worth it to have everything but the mortar gear up done when coming into th10 and then get that 6th builder right away.

  2. This isn’t that important, but CC troops come out in order of housing space. The lowest housing space troops leave first.

    For example, a balloon will come out before a dragon. There is also an order for troops of the same housing space. From the [CoC wiki](

    1 housing space: Barbarian > Archer > Goblin
    2 housing space: Wall Breaker > Minion
    5 housing space: Giant > Balloon > Hog Rider > Super Barbarian
    6 housing space: Bowler > Miner > Headhunter
    8 housing space: Valkyrie > Super Wall Breaker
    10 housing space: Baby Dragon > Super Giant > Super Wizard
    12 housing space: Witch > Super Archer > Super Minion
    15 housing space: Ice Golem > Inferno Dragon
    20 housing space: Dragon > Super Valkyrie
    30 housing space: Golem > Lava Hound > Electro Dragon

    For troops of the same type, they leave from lowest to highest level. For example, a level 1 archer comes out before a level 2.

    This can be useful when you want to tank. There is a great chance that a lava hound for example, can’t tank for a loon if frozen or poisoned at the correct time.

  3. Queen AI – one of most obscure things in clash, and it’s actually pretty useful to know. [Here](’s one video about it, found it on this sub.

    Not so obscure, but also useful, how wall breakers work. I believe they look for the nearest BUILDING, that is closed behind a wall, and not just the closest wall.

    Understanding those 2 things will likely make you a better attacker when it comes to queen charge.

    Edit: remembered another useful thing, lightning spell range is 5×5 without the corners. More about it [here](, pretty useful to know.

    The most obscure “tip” I can think of is that all your CC troops count as just 1 troop when counting for eagle activation. Should probably work similarly with troops coming out of siege machines (not only SB, ALL sieges) – they won’t count towards eagle activation (though that’s just my assumption, I didn’t test that). Found it out when pushing to legend as a th9 and rewatching some of my replays. So if you are pushing to legend as a th9 with QC baby drags, feel free to use your CC edrag at the beginning. Typical QC with some funneling troops won’t activate the eagle at first, you will be able to use a few rage spells before you have to worry about the eagle.

    I’m yet to see a person who counts troops, thinking about whether the eagle will activate. Nobody does that. So not that useful, but still pretty cool.

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