Came back to the game last month, I stopped playing late 2019 and didn’t touch the game at all during 2020, I came back to my old clan and whenever I spectate them during wars, I see that super troops are extremely powerful defending, like, almost unfair to me, specially the super minion.

Is there a consensus on them? I’m still upgrading my TH10 walls before I upgrade to TH11, so I haven’t tried them, but from what I’ve seen from war defenses they seem insane.

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  1. I only use the Sneaky Goblin and they are an exceptionally good farming troop which I use for all my farming, the best thing about them is that you can unlock them at th11. They are also good in war when places inside a battle blimp to get the town hall in a mismatch scenario

  2. Super goblins op for farming, I think most people will agree on that.

    Wall breakers – must-have troop for most QC attacks.

    Only minions and hound are used for defense, but they are pretty amazing at that. Minions are especially punishing vs casual players.

    Barbs archers – ok for farming, not much else.

    Giants and witches – can be used is some war strategies, pretty decent.

    Baby drags – more obscure to use than witches, but technically still a 3-star army you can use.

    Valks – can be strong because of their rage spells, are good to throw in 1 or 2 in some ground mixes, but otherwise pretty shitty, just like regular valks. Some people may get 3-stars with them, but most people won’t.

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