As the title says, I have no clue how to counter the lightning spell / 10+ Dragon combo.

I’m a almost maxed TH8, ground attacks generally fail to reach 2 stars at my Base, but Dragons always completely whipe me out, even tho i’ve placed all my AA so far apart that they cover eachother, can’t be hit with the same lightning spell and have multiple buildings between them with all possible traps aimed at air, but no dice.

The battle begins, Two of my AA’s get whiped by lightning spells + the one in the Castle and then 10 Dragons are coming for the last one. It gets really annoying that my whole feed is filled up with mass Dragon/lightning raids and nothing like Golems + Wizards or something.

Anyone got an idea what I could do? Or a more efficient base set up? I’ve tried like 5 different ones now that seemed promising.

That being said, I can’t wait to become TH9 and get my hands on that 4th AA + Bows.

[My current Base](

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  1. Th 8 is broken, you won’t be able to defend against the drags :/ sadly they dont really care about th’s under 10 so it will probaly stay this way

  2. Try to centralise AD as much as possible and don’t place them within range of each other. Place sweeper away from Ad but covering them. Maybe try spreading buildings 2 tiles apart to slow dragons down and put storages near AD so they take a while to get to the AD whilst they are taking damage

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