Hello Clashers and Clashees!!

I’d like to discuss what hybrid composition you use and why! I am not referring to the funnel troops or anything like that, but rather the core hybrid group. Do you use more hogs than miners, about the same, or more miners than hogs (these numbers include the cc troops)? What is your “sweet spot”?

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  1. Generally more miners than hogs, because youre getting 7-9 more hogs out of the clan castle later on.

  2. Ah I was wondering about this recently too. Is there any reasoning behind the ratio of hogs to miners or when to use mass miners with only CC hogs?

  3. On my th13, I use 15 hogs and 14 miners, and 9 hogs in the siege barracks. The hogs in the siege barracks are mostly separate though, to push into the base along with the RC. With luck, they will join in with the core hybrid group.

    On my th11, I use 14 hogs and 13 miners. 7 hogs in the SB for the same purpose as for my th13, just without the RC. Again, best case scenario they will join in with the main group, but not necessary.

  4. I’ll get things started off! I use more hogs than miners (18 miners, 22 hogs including cc). I don’t have a reason for it, that’s just what I’ve done. I’m going to practice using less hogs and more miners and we will see how it goes!!

  5. Always more miners than hogs in main army. A lot depends on enemy heroes, if I can get to them early then closer to even. If I’ll be hitting them later then could be close to 2-1 miners vs. hogs. I’m not counting hogs from siege.

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