While reading Darian’s AMA, I noticed he mentioned about how they were planning to add many more town halls. This shouldn’t be a problem gameplay wise as of course, adjustments in upgrade times and things help balance it out.

However, something is a bit iffy. The more town halls and troop levels they add, would that make those same troops in cc ridiculously OP in lower town halls? For example, a max level balloon is more powerful in a th9 cc than it was a few years ago, obviously. But it’s not much of a problem as the power difference is not that huge.

However, imagine there are is a level 40 balloon in the future (I doubt it would happen, but just in this case). Would that not mean that a town hall ten attack would be a lot more easy because of the sheer power of max troops in cc?

Of course, that’s a big scale. But even a level 15-20 balloon can really be OP in the lower town hall, and can carry an attack. This could just be answered by “The more town halls they add, the easier it is to triple lower ones. Like TH10”. And I get that. But sucking strategy out of lower town halls to make room for higher ones just doesn’t really sit right for me.

That’s as far as I have thought. I am really curious as to what this sub thinks, because right now, I see it as a bit of a problem.

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  1. They could always balance the troop against the TH level it’s facing. Example, balloon level 40 stays 40 against the max TH, but in a lower TH, it might only go as a 25 level loon

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