With the advent of level 9 loons, as a townhall 8 player I can triple any other townhall 8 base with Drag attack and it is so boring. I dont know where I actually stand among townhall 8s.
What if we have a separate leaderboard for each townhalls. I cant wait to max out to push. Just like there is signup for legend league, there should be ‘sign up thing’ for lower townhalls too to see who is best among each townhalls. Attacking/Defending Clan Castle Troops’ level must be in accorodance with that townhall level which will actually make it challenging.
So, there is should be different leaderboard apart from multiplayer one of Townhall 8,9,10,11,12 where player’s signing up depends on his/her will. Where player have to start with 0 trophy each season with limited attacks for a day.
This is will actually make game fun and challenging for lower townhalls too.
What are your thoughts guys?

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  1. I like this idea, but SuperCell doesn’t.

    SuperCell has been pushing and promoting rushing for several years now, and they are waging a holy war against maxing any town hall level except TH13. Setting up a per-town-hall leaderboard would promote maxing at the town hall level and that goes against everything SuperCell is pushing these days.

    It’ll never happen.

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