Supercell has asked for feedback on the recruitment tool, and has been engaging with players discussing it on the Clash forums. We want to encourage everyone to participate in that thread, especially if you have complaints or questions about the in game recruitment tool.

As for reddit, what are your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions for improvement of the recruiting system? Lets have our own discussion.

There is no guarantee anyone from supercell reads this discussion, so again, **please also participate in the forum thread to have a better chance of having your voice heard.**

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  1. Below is a response from Darian this morning summing up that thread so far:

    >Just wanted to share a short update regarding this thread. We’ve had a few discussions after digesting all of the posts, feedback, critiques, etc. from this topic. First and foremost, thank you for being candid with your input; it has been incredibly useful.

    >We have a monstrous list of actionable items we’re bringing to the team that designed this recruitment tool. Just to give a very brief summary of some of those items, this is nowhere near the complete list of things we’re discussing with them:

    >1. Sending out invitations has zero visibility to Clans who send the invites. There is no status update, no method of tracking, or any kind of confirmation of receipt.
    1. There is no way to determine if a player is actually looking for a new Clan or just has not turned the invitation setting off.
    1. No way to determine if an invited player is active unless you actually visit their village, which forces you to close the search window. Too many workflows just to determine if a player is active or not.
    1. Language barriers. There is no method to prescreen whether or not an invited player speaks the same language or is even in the same time zone.
    1. No expiration on sent invitations, resulting in random players joining the Clan after responding to a several month old invitation.
    1. Using a recruitment tool should not take up that much of a player’s attention. It should work seamlessly and not feel like a separate app.
    1. No way for a Clan to advertise they are looking for players. Players looking for a Clan can only just search for Clans. It would be nice for a Clan to be able to put the word out that they are looking for players of a specific type (ie. Farming, Clan Wars, CWL, etc.).

    >Again I want to be very clear this is not the complete list. This is just a very small sample of some of the topics we’ve been discussing based on community input. Once I have some more actionable input from both dev teams on how we plan on moving forward, I will try to share that as transparently as possible.

    >One thing I do want to be open about though is the Clan poaching topic. One of the big points of feedback we’ve received is that players would like to see results showing players who are not in Clans. The problem, as mentioned before, is that over 80% of players are in Clans. This number increases the higher TH level you search. Finding a Clanless TH13 would be nearly impossible since over 97% of TH13’s are in an active Clan.

    >If you wanted to find a search result of Clanless players, you’d likely see only TH4 and under, which isn’t exactly the most exciting list of results to receive when you’re looking to fill your CWL roster.

    >That’s unavoidable as the demand FAR outstrips the supply. The number of Clans looking for players will always be higher than the number of players looking for Clans. Period. If you want to recruit TH13’s, then it’s likely you may have to reach out to players who are already in Clans. There is likely no way around that.

    >But…there are some things we can look at to try and help make the results a bit more palatable. We’re discussing some player-side settings like a possible setting for players who are in a Clan but are open to the possibility of going to another Clan. There are some other ideas for this still in discussion.

    >We’re also looking at way for Clans to be able to broadcast that they are looking for players rather than waiting for players to use the search and hopefully come across your Clan if you’re lucky. So better targeting and transparency are some of the top priorities in this.

    >I don’t have a solid time frame for this yet as we’re still in the very early discussion stages. But I will try to keep you updated as things progress.

  2. I personally haven’t had much success with the new recruitment system, although I also haven’t put much time into it recently to give it a fair chance either. I look at it as a replacement for recruiting from global which I considered a waste of time compared to other places (such as r/ClashOfClansRecruit). Other members of my clan have found some reasonable players using it in recent months, plus there has been a steady stream of applications, although quality has varied.

    My main complaints with it are:

    1. **The lack of spoken language filter.** I disagreed with the arguments put forward for not having this in the forum thread linked and think it would be quite a help for both clans looking for members and members looking for clans. A reduced list of the most commonly spoken languages that could optionally be set would be a huge QoL improvement.
    2. **Use of labels**. Due to there being no validation or requirements for some labels, they can end up being incorrectly set which almost makes them pointless. Rushed TH6 with the veteran label? Active daily label set when they clearly are not very active at all? Not very helpful. I don’t have a solid solution for this. I don’t think requirements or validation is the right solution. Also, the more complex you make the filtering, the more difficult it becomes to find good matches, especially with the scale of data involved here.

    In general, I don’t think there can be a single tool that meets everyone’s requirements. Different clans have different requirements and for clans that are stable with long term members, it feels like a gamble introducing new people into the mix as one or two bad apples that aren’t properly vetted can upset that balance.

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