Second season back up in Master 2. Got a tougher group than last time. Hero progression has been great from last season taking my combined average hero level from 159.3 to 165.5 as most of my bases have now maxed the royal champion and more focus on archer queen and barb king levels have begun. I am ranked second last for combined average hero level but I am not too far off the pace. This is my group this time around.

I lead the way with CWL stars, Grand Warden and Royal Champion averages but still linger in 7th place for barb king and archer queen levels. The South Korean and Vietnamese clans will be tough and I face both of them in my first 3 wars. There is one clan who doesn’t belong in this league and that is the chinese clan whose combined hero level is just above 100. Every clan should stick 85+ on them. Got them as war 2 so will be nice to break up what will likely be two losses in war 1 and war 3. I think the second chinese clan will probably fall as well given they have just 21 bases that are TH13.

That will leave four of us fighting out the 3rd to 6th spot. Indonesian’s I usually do well against and haven’t encountered an Aussie or Saudi Arabia clan before in Master 2 so a bit of an unknown there. Goal this season will be 3 wins and 500+ stars. Managed to 2 star or better 209 out of 210 opponents last season so if I can manage the same sort of consistency should be able to position myself in the top 4. Looking at my opponents they have 83 max hero bases between them so 40% of attacks on me will be coming from maxed heroes. The bottom two thirds of my roster will struggle against that, but CWL isn’t about winning wars only. It’s about collecting stars and I lead the pack by a long way for this.

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